RegScale: Enterprise GRC Software

(full project deck avalible via interview) RegScale

-Lead User Experience Design
-Lead UI Design
-Product Design

- Maintain application component library and continually audit application look and feel as features are created.
- Receive and translate customer feedback to actionable and scaleable design solutions.
- Translate features from conversation and sketches to fully in production in customer facing software.
- Design and ideate on future state of the application and provide insights on the direction of the overall application and user experience.
- Communicate with a large range of developers and use design to solve issues in the application experience as they build out technical features that need User interface to control.
- Use best practices to design scalable components that translates into an overall reduced amount of code.
- Work on streamlining design process into efficient and scalable patterns that fit user flows at an enterprise scale.

RegScale frees organizations from (digital) paper via its continuous compliance automation software.
Our API-centric software platform integrates with your existing security and compliance platforms to
dynamically manage security control state, shifting compliance left to deliver audit-ready documentation
on demand while simultaneously visualizing compliance and operational risk. Heavily Regulated
Organizations such as the U.S. Navy, Department of Energy and Fortune 500 Financial Institutions use
RegScale to start compliant and stay compliant with the ongoing regulatory obligations such as NIST,
SOX, PCI, ISO, and many more.